Maitake D'Fraction

What You Need To Know about Maitake D Fraction

Maitake D Fraction

Mushroom has been examined because of the herbal magic it does thousand years ago. The healing potential of numerous mushrooms were highly accepted by traditional healers in China, Japan countries and other parts of Asia. Mushrooms such as Reishi, called as “Zhi” by Chinese which also means “the spirit plant” was considered as foods of longevity and immortality because it somehow helps in expanding the life span of a person. It was exclusively used by the imperial family in China.

Nowadays, Reishi is known to be an effective immune-stimulant which had been demonstrated to be an anti-tumor action. It was claimed to protect the liver which act as a tonic for central nervous system and heart. It lowers the cholesterol and can inhibit histamine response or allergic response.

In Japan, Shiitake mushroom was known because of its usage in culinary delights. Lentinan, a specific extract were prescribed as anti-cancer drugs. It has shown immune energizing activity as well as anti-tumor together with an anti-viral action.

Maitake is another kind of mushroom that has a great tasting gourmet found in Japan. It means as the “dancing mushroom”. This mushroom has a growing body of research in modern science that supports the effectiveness in the stimulation of the immune system. Above all, it was reported that there are over 2,000 practitioners all throughout United States that are expending a specific active constituent which are extracted from a Maitake mushroom named after D-fraction.

Dr. Nanhr, a leading authority on medicinal mushroom had done studies on the Maitake D-Fraction. He demonstrated the greater effectiveness of Maitake mushroom compared to any other mushrooms that can be taken orally. He cited that D-fraction was twice more effective in constraining tumors than that of a Lenthinan/ LEM mushroom. It has been proven as well as studied to be effective in the stimulation of your own body defenses.

Maitake D Fraction is the process of standardization of the extraction of a mushroom. The D-fraction in Maitake is highly standardized and highly purified 3 branched beta equivalent to 1,6glucan which contains about 30% protein that are extracted from the fruiting body of Maitake mushroom.

Unique polysaccharide structure and the branching degree are greater than any of beta-glucan that can be found in other mushrooms having medicinal properties which can demonstrate the same properties of immune stimulatory. The complexity of branching makes the Maitake greater than any other medicinal mushrooms in effect to immune stimulatory. What is difficult in taking mushrooms orally isit loses much of its effectiveness but with the D-fraction, according to research, you can see its effectiveness when consumed orally.

To be guided in taking Maitake D Fraction, these are the suggested dosage for you to follow.

For general usage as a dietary supplement:
In taking Liquid formed Extract, you will take 12 to 20 drops for 3 times a day. 28 drops of each contains 7.5mg pure D fraction.

Another Liquid formed Extract is the Pro D-Fraction. You are advised to take 5 to 6 drops of this, 3 times every day. It contains an approximately 1mg pure D-fraction for each drop you make.

In taking a capsule formed Maitake D Fraction,you will have to consume at least 2 capsules, twice a day. A capsule contains 3mg D-fraction extract and 150mg fruit body powder of Maitake.

For therapeutic dosage, you must take 0.5mg to 1 mg of pure D-fraction per kilogram of your body weight and throughout the day, the dose should be spread out fairly.

Let me give you a view of how to take this.
For every 150 lbs. there is an equivalent of 68 kilos that is 150 multiplied to .4536 and that is equal to 68.04. The advised dosage is 34 to 68mg per day.

If combined with all-inclusive balance extract of Maitake or whole mushroom, the benefits of Maitake D Fraction can be maximized.

The information mentioned above is not intended to replace any physician’s treatment thus taking Maitake D Fraction products into consideration in addressing serious illness should be consulted to your attending physician’s advice.